The Sound Investment
Ron Russell Catalano B. A. / B. M. E. / SB-2042, TC-1 (R1S,R142)





April 5th, 2019


Live Music

The Old Schoolhouse

1018 South Frankwood,

Sanger CA 93657

(559) 787-3271


Terry Cabatic - Vocals

Ron Catalano - Woodwinds

Steven Lopez - Keyboards

Joe Andres - Drums

Battle of the Bigbands - Glenn Miller - Tommy Dorsey - Harry James - Benny Goodman Orchestras

1.   6/1/2019 BBB Saturday...  7:00PM.  Lodi, CA  Hutchins Street Square.
2.   6/22/2019 BBB Saturday...  2:00PM. & 7:00PM.  Folsom, CA  Harris Center.
3.   7/21/2019 BBB Sunday...  2:00PM.  Irvine, CA  Irvine-Barclay Theatre.***
4.   8/10/2019 BBB Saturday...  2:00PM. & 7:00PM. Palos Verdes, CA  Norris Theater.***
5.   8/25/2019 BBB Sunday...  2:00PM.  San Jose, CA  San Jose Montgomery Theater.
6.   9/20/2019 BBB Friday...  7:00PM.  Kirkland, WA  Kirkland PAT***
7.   9/21/2019 BBB Saturday... 7:00PM.  Seattle, WA  Kay-Meek Centre***
8.   9/22/2019 BBB Sunday... 2:00PM.  West Vancouver, CANADA  Chan Centre Concert Hall ***  
9.   10/19/2019 BBB Saturday...  2:00PM. & 7:00pm.  Arroyo Grande, CA  Clark Center.***
10.  11/10/2019 BBB Sunday...  2:00PM.  Antioch, CA  El Campanil Theatre.
11.  11/15/2019 BBB Friday...  7:00PM.  Wickenburg, AZ  Del Webb CPA.***
12.  11/16/2019 BBB Saturday...  7:00PM.  Scottsdale, AZ  Scottsdale CPA***  
13. 11/17/2019 BBB Sunday...  2:00PM.  Mesa, AZ  Mesa Arts Center.***
14. 12/22/2019 BBC Sunday...  5:00PM.  San Jose, CA  San Jose Montgomery Theater.


Selmer Mark VI Saxophones

MeYer New York Mouthpieces

La Voz Medium-Hard Reeds

TSI Custom Woodwind Ligatures


Audio Technica Saxophone Pickup

Peavey T-40 4 String Bass

ENSONIQ Midi Keyboards

Kaman Speaker Systems

AMPEX / Scotch 3M / Maxtor

The Horn Shop, Fresno, CA

RDG Double Reed Supplies


Buffet Bb/A  R-13 Clarinets

MeYer New York Mouthpieces

Grand Concert Select #4 Reeds

Vandoren Sterling Ligatures


TSI Custom AT Clarinet Pickup

Peavey Milestone 5 String Bass

Alesis Sequencing and Mixing

Hot Spot Monitor Systems

Toshiba / IBM / Samsung   

American Music, Fresno, CA

F. Loree Oboes


Wm. S. Haynes Flutes/Piccolos

Open-Hole Low-B Foot

GK Sterling Head-Joints

Custom Made and Engraved


TSI Custom AT Flute Pickup

Peavey Bass Amplification

Juice Goose Power Conditioners

Behringer Mixing Consoles

Judy Green Music, Hollywood, CA

Fostex /  TEAC / Sennheiser/ AKG

F. Loree English Horns